All Silvaplex products are manufactured from natural biodegradable raw materials that have been Ecocert-approved.

SilvaPlex Spray and Wound Gel are considered by the FDA to be medical device products and are manufactured by AG Essence under FDA GMP guidelines and regulations. AG Essence is a registered medical device facility and a registered drug supplement facility with the FDA.

SilvaPlex® Woundcare Gel With CBD

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SilvaPlex® Original Woundcare Gel

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Adding the Benefits of CBD

The SilvaPlex® Original Woundcare Gel and the SilvaPlex® Woundcare Gel with CBD are both used for the relief of Symptoms due to minor wounds, burns and scrapes. Also, appropriate to use on minor infections, burning, stinging, itching, redness, minor pain and minor inflammation.

The new woundcare gel has the soothing effect of CBD. Promote Healthy Healing!

The antibacterial properties of chelated silver are known to be antibiotic with no known bacterial resistance. In Chelated silver, the silver ions are bonded to non metallic ions, and they are evenly dispersed throughout the solution.

SilvaPlex® – Respiratory Solution

SilvaPlex is a Natural Product developed in an FDA facility in the USA. It is an inert material that can be used simultaneously with therapeutic agents such as antibiotics, steroids & mucolytics. In this era of increasingly restrictive use of pre-race & pre-competition medication, Chelated Silver, the main ingredient of SivaPlex, is gaining wide acceptance by regulators as a drug free alternative. Kentucky Racing Commission has formally permitted race day use of silver.

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SilvaPlex® – Advanced Wound Care for Animals

SilvaPlex was created for the topical treatment of cuts, abrasions, lacerations and minor burns and is available as a gel or a spray. The naturally derived, non-toxic formula is free of odor, alcohol and Triclosan. Upon application, SilvaPlex forms a protective layer for a moist wound environment.

The secret to SilvaPlex is our patented technology,  COMPLEX Ag 21™. This proprietary Chitosan-Silver chelation allows SilvaPlexto attach to the wound like a magnet.

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SilverWorks™ –   Silver Shampoo for Animals

Unique Chitosan™-Silver Complex provides an invisible Germicidal Barrier. Silver Works™ Shampoo is pH balanced for all breeds, coat types and colors.  It promotes healthier skin and coat with brighter whites and more vivid colors.  Conditions and adds volume. Developed by veterinarians and recommended by professionals.

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