SilvaPlex Wound Gel

My 13 year old cat was diagnosed with cancer last year when a lump started growing at the base of his ear.  That lump is now the size of a golf ball and the weight of it and the stretching skin is causing him constant itching and discomfort.  He is not in any pain and is still eating and drinking and using the litter box, but the lump is causing him distress.  I was left with the decision of possibly having him euthanized early because of the discomfort.

I started using SilvaPlex Wound Gel on the lump and it has greatly improved my cat’s quality of life.  The CBD in the salve soothes the itching and calms him.  The skin is tearing in places and sometimes he scratches the skin open, causing bleeding that I have trouble stopping.  The silver in the salve helps to strengthen his immune system and keeps the open wounds from getting infected.  The salve forms a skin when it dries which helps keep bleeding under control.

Before I started using this product, I was using Vaseline, which made his fur greasy and caused him to groom himself constantly. The SilvaPlex Wound Gel is non-greasy and keeps my cat’s fur clean.  He looks healthier and is even eating more.

Before using this product, my cat was keeping me up all night, between the constant grooming and the itching.  He could not get comfortable so he never stayed in one position for very long.  Now we can both get to sleep through the night with little or no interruptions.  This product has given me just a little more precious quality time with my little buddy!

Diane S.