Why SilvaPlex Topical For Woundcare & Healthy Coats?

What makes SilvaPlex so unique? It’s the next generation Chitosan silver and patented ComplexAg21™ that makes the difference.

SilvaPlex is a safer, more effective product in a category that has remained stagnant for far too long. Animal and medical professionals prefer to use products that are naturally derived, non-toxic and child-safe. SilvaPlex is the one product containing all the ingredients to match these desired properties.

SilvaPlex topicals contains 200 parts per million of silver, as a preservative.

SilvaPlex Throatspray (homeopathic) provides veterinarians, horse professionals, and pet owners a natural solution to respiratory challenges.It can be used as a throat spray, or with a nebulizer such as Flexineb [link to flexinebus.com]

SilvaPlex Woundcare (homeopathic) was created for the topical treatment of cuts, abrasions, lacerations and minor burns and is available as a gel or a spray. The naturally derived, non-toxic formula is free of odor, alcohol and Triclosan. Upon application, SilvaPlex forms a protective antimicrobial  layer to provide a moist wound environment.

SilvaPlex is more than an alternative — it is the next generation in wound care.

SilverPlex™ Shampoo is pH balanced; regular use maintains your animal’s (dog, cat, horse, livestock) natural oils, promotes healthy skin and a vibrant coat. The unique Chitosan compound protects your animal against infections and fungus, and can reduce the incidence of itchy, flaky skin. SilverPlexis like a health spa in a bottle.